Manchester United Used to be Praised, says ibcbet

ibcbet said Manchester United is one of the most successful clubs in English soil and has won more league trophies than any other team. Manchester United used to be dominance in the English League during Sir Alex Ferguson’s coaching era. Their style of play was once loved by football fans around the world, and the names that raised Manchester United at the time were Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes, Park Ji Sung, Cristiano Ronaldo, current MU coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, etc. But after being abandoned by the phenomenal coach Sir Alex Ferguson, now MU is not what it used to be, says ibcbet. Many negative notes they got after the Ferguson era ended that they rarely got the prestigious trophy and the trophy that was truly prestigious was only one namely Uefa European League, it was only limited to the second caste trophy in the European championship. MU has changed his coach a few times but has not been able to improve team performance and also management always spends very expensive money to spend on players and also it does not really give a good impact for the team, says ibcbet. Many publics are bullying this team because of this minor result and of course MU’s self-esteem dropped dramatically. So, what makes Manchester United dim and not shine like it used to be?

Spending too much money but not improving performance says ibcbet

Manchester United has expensive players namely Paul Pogba and also new players namely Harry Maguire, their performance at the start of the season is arguably up and down and also most MU players do not follow the direction of the coach or they want to improvise but it actually brings problems and also a lot of polemics that occur between coaches and players. This also makes Manchester United now not too favored anymore, stated by ibcbet.

Playstyle that is easy to read

Manchester United’s current style of play is very often read by other teams and most of them find it difficult to use their way to score goals plus the interpreter tactics are not very good at managing formation. That is what prevents Manchester United from winning the title and also the high selfishness of each player.

Declining Star Player Performance

Just call it De Gea. At the very beginning when he entered Manchester United. De Gea has an extraordinary record and also individual skills above the average of other players make De Gea crowned as the best goalkeeper in the world. But last season the number of conceded goals against De Gea was very much and also his performance is always up and down. That is why MU is not so favored, plus some talented young players who have good skills but do not have a good attitude, says ibcbet.

Of course, all of this is the origin of why Manchester United is not like it used to be and actually lost to the neighboring club, Manchester City. In the past, Manchester City was nothing and now Manchester City has become a very calculated club in the Premier League. Season 2019-2020 they began spending big players, the players they bought included Daniel James, Aaron Wan Bissaka, and Harry Maguire. It is worth the wait with their appearance whether they can win the trophy this season, claimed by ibcbet.